Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tour Operator and Travel agency Software: An Introduction

Travel has become an integral element of entertainment for the modern man. Gone are the days when people were happy with their 9-5 jobs, and then come back to the same but stable home, with an occasional eating out or a trip to the movies. The income has risen, so has the desire to know more about the vast world. With the demand for travel on the rise, tour operator and travel agency software need to be developed in order to meet the demand.

Travel software makes work easier for travel agency planners as well as the vacationers. It provides

• Systematic storage and distribution of Travel itineraries
• Packaging of holiday destinations for travel services providers who want to package their offerings with other products or services
• Centralized operations for tour operators who want to control their entire work including planning trips, choosing locations and determining Tariff rates
• Tour operators who want to provide complete content for hotel accommodation specifications, tour and travel activity
• Specific destination tour planners
• Member organizations who do not have specific employees to attend to different aspects of the entire travelling gamut

Some of the Features of Travel Software Include

• Online booking management
• Request and confirm bookings
• Multi-language and currency conversion options
• Online promotions through tools like discount coupons, off-season packages etc.
• Generating travel vouchers
• Online booking for travel agencies offering single travel services, keeping individual records
• Group bookings
• Maintain a client base and shortening the procedure for frequent travelers to specific destinations

Travel software has made the job a lot easier for tour and travel planners. Furthermore, consumers are also benefitted from such technologies as information is generated quickly and accurately, and they can also evaluate different plans better.

Connectivity has increased manifold with the employment of tour operator and travel agency software as they can be easily integrated into the social media scheme as well. Facebook, twitter etc. are sites on which regular updates can be provided to travelers about latest discounts, packages, and changes in travel plans. Opinions can also be taken about new destinations which are popular with the buyers and travel agencies can plan a trip to those places, based on the information collected.

Travel software is of essential importance to the travel agencies. It eases, smoothens and lessens the burden on the staff to keep a record from the conception to the completion of numerous travel plans, from the beginning to the end of a season.

It makes travel plans easily compatible with different channels of distribution like

• External Agencies and Corporates
• XML / Web Services
• Call Center and Train Stations
• Consumer Site
• External Agencies and Corporates

Travel software offers a one stop shop for serving the entire paraphernalia associated with travel. All packages including train travel, packages with hotels, flight travel, vacations to specific destinations, planning of itineraries etc. can be done easily with the help of software.

For hotels, it helps to keep a real time track of inventory, record of the guests staying in the premises, generating transaction vouchers and keeping a record of the preferences of consumers under a central and single head. The software is a dynamic option when it comes to providing direct or indirect ancillary packages and generating revenues by combining various services. They have made the task easy for everyone related, either directly or indirectly, to the beautiful activity of travelling.

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