Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travel Software Solutions: Travel Travails Made Easy!

Travelling has become a whole lot easier with evolution in technology. Gone are the days of waiting in queues for ticket bookings, starting to plan months in advance, and of course, the last minute angsts about whether all the efforts invested on the arrangements are in place. Travel agencies have come as a boon to travelers by taking care of all of their touring transactions and ensuring they do not have to face any type of troubles. However, the massive workload of travel agencies demands a capable tool that can help them overcome their operating challenges in a cost-effective manner.

How to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Operating Cost?

In short, travel software solutions are the answer. A travel software solution is the go-to weapon for any travel agency that aims to thrive in this highly competitive industry. Such solutions can be used by inbound operators and tour management companies to plan itineraries and manage various backend tasks.

Why Invest in a Travel Software Solution?

Travel software solutions are tailored to sort multiple work requirements and facilitate seamless information exchange, at a cost that is obscenely lower compared to the increasing costs of competent travel professionals.

Such solutions support the entire gamut of the planning and execution process, starting from client identification to formulating itinerary, making quotes, recording and choosing suppliers, deciding pricing structures, targeting prospective clients with advertisements of destination photos and maps. In short, travel software is the axis around which tourism revolves.

Travel solutions help travel agencies in a number of ways. The list includes:

Group reservations management

Online management of bookings

Ensure comprehensive inventory control and synchronized marketing

Follow-up confirmation and instant bookings on request

Generate email and SMS notifications for clients

Generate proof of transactions via Automatic Travel Vouchers

Manage promotional efforts with Discount coupons and online promotions

User facilitation with Multi-language and currency options

During and Post Travel Advantages

Keep the website content updated with pictures, video uploads, maps, location finders , flight itineraries, on-tour activities, cruises, travel and accident insurance plus overhead

Formulate and revise pricing policies for individual and group requirements

• Manage payment & cancellation policies and communicate them to the clients as lucidly as possible

Implement most profitable Contract Conditions that regulate decisions such as complements & reductions, perks, stay restrictions, non-serviceable dates, etc.

If you are a travel agent or wish to join the industry, then procuring an efficient, feature-rich and cost-effective travel software solution is a must for your business. It will take you a long way in reducing your expenditure, easy management of travel itineraries, creating accurate reports and estimating gainful measures that can help strengthen your business.


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